Underfloor heating is an economic and comfortable way of delivering heat. You can heat new floors and rejuvenate old ones with the same result.

With AMIK Underfloor Heating, you will enjoy many wonderful moments. The feet are the body's thermostat - if your feet are cold, you feel cold. When heat comes from the floor and rises to the ceiling, it produces a higher temperature at floor level and a lower temperature at head height, making your feet warmer and delivering a more agreeable climate. Wall-mounted radiators produce higher temperatures at head height and lower temperatures at floor level. Warm your feet (and your body!) straight from the floor. Underfloor heating is also an economical heating solution.

By using underfloor heating, you benefit from having a concealed heating system, meaning that the way you heat your home doesn't dictate where you place your furniture.

Before installing an underfloor heating system, it's important to fit good insulation.

Tiles natural stone, parquet, wood and laminate are all suitable for use with underfloor heating.

AMIK Underfloor Heating works with all types of material for all types of room and flooring.

We also have a complete range of underfloor heating controls.

Feel free to get in touch. We can provide you with all the information and know-how you need to install an underfloor heating system.


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